Streaks, sweeping, light strokes and also Flamboyage, shatush and babylights: different techniques but all having the same objective, to brighten the hair by illuminating it with highlights.
You can choose a romantic tone-on-tone effect or a flashy look aiming at brighter tones, always with the objective of expressing your personality at best.

If you like playing with bright strands that give intense highlights, you can do it with Herbatint. Its gentle formula is perfectly compatible with these treatments, the hairdresser can achieve the light effects you prefer.

One more tip

Here’s what to do with light treatments:
Case 1 – I would like to do them: apply Herbatint comfortably at home, then go to your usual hairdresser and choose the light treatment you prefer.
Case 2 – I would like to keep them: apply Herbatint only on roots, let it develop and then rinse. This way you have perfectly covered the regrowth without changing the colour on the lengths.
Case 3 – If I want to cover them: apply Herbatint on roots and lengths, let it develop and then rinse. The result will be a uniform colour on all your hair.